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Best Way To Get A Free Bitcoin Wallet (Used For Storing Your Cryptocurrency) & How To Earn Free Bitcoin Plus 5 Other Top Trending Altcoins 24/7

Hello my fellow bitcoin/cryptocurrency lovers! I hope this finds you well and all your Bitcoin (BTC) millionaire dreams are coming to reality! I myself am on a very exciting journey as I have set out for financial freedom via Bitcoin and several other top trending cryptocurrency (also known as altcoins). As of late cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and several other blazing hot Altcoins have been taking the entire world by storm! Just in case you have been under a rock (no offense if you really have), and have never heard of Bitcoin, it is defined by Wikipedia as a form of cryptocurrency cash. It is also important to note that it is a decentralized digital currency without a "central bank" and it does't even contain a single administrator. Really what this means is that we are now able to send digital cash or "cryptocurrency" from one person to another without the need for any intermediaries like banks. The amazing transparency and the cutting out of the "middle man"  are only two of the many reasons why everyone is trying to get their hands on these so called Bitcoins! (Not to mention the fact that they have been as much as $20,000)

So with all that being said, just as promised I will be showing those that are interested, one of the best ways to get a Free Bitcoin Wallet (used for storing your cryptocurrency) & also how to earn free Bitcoin (BTC) plus 5 other top trending Altcoins 24/7. The cool thing is that most of this can be done on  just about any cellphone,computer,laptop,Xbox, or PlayStation 4! So go ahead and grab any one of those devices or whatever device you use to surf the internet and let's get our wallets all set up. There are hundreds of different types of cryptocurrency out there and thousands of wallets in which to house those digital coins. Some store your coins online  and some have cold storage. Some wallets are free to use and some charge a fee to store your bitcoins. So how do we choose the cryptocurrency wallet that's best for us? For me it basically came down to price, security, and ease of use. After a little bit of studying and observing I found a wallet that met all 3 of these needs for free! They are and to be honest I still think they offer one of the best free bitcoin (also Altcoin) wallets available anywhere. So the very first thing you need to do is go to and signup for your very own free bitcoin wallet!

Now that you have signed up for your free cryptocurrency wallet, all you have to do now is fill it up with bitcoin and other types of trending Altcoins. One of the many good things about the Coinpot wallet is that they have free faucets that pay you directly to your wallet. In case you don't know what a faucet is, it's a website that rewards you for visiting their page in the form of free cryptocurrency. This is definitely one of the best ways to earn free bitcoin and many other trending cryptos. Coinpot has free faucets for free Bitcoin (btc), free Litecoin (ltc), free Bitcoin Cash (bch), free Dash (dash), free Dogecoin (doge), and most recently Coinpot Tokens which can be exchanged for your favorite cryptocurrency. Below I have listed the 7 sites that will pay you directly to your Coinpot wallet. Enjoy all the free Bitcoins and top trending cryptocurrencies and may all you wishes and dreams come true!

The  First Thing to do is Get Your Free Coinpot Wallet!!!
Next thing is to simply visit the 6 free faucets below, enter the email used to register for your free Coinpot wallet, and claim your free bitcoin (btc) plus 5 other top trending crypto currency!

Claim Free Bitcoin (btc) Every 3 Minutes!

More Free Bitcoin (btc) Every 5 Minutes!

Claim Free Litecoin (ltc) Every 5 Minutes!

Claim Free Dash (dash) Every 5 Minutes!

Claim Free Dogecoin (doge) Every 5 Minutes!

Claim Free Bitcoin Cash (bch) Every 5 Minutes!

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