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No Doubt The Best Bitcoin (BTC) Faucets Ever (2018)

Hello all my fellow bitcoin entrepreneurs and welcome to the best in How To Get Free Bitcoin (BTC) 24/7, and  what are without a doubt the best places and ways to get FREE BITCOIN all day everyday without having to come out of your pocket!!! ( You Can Always Earn Bitcoin Faster If You Decide to Invest)

My bitcoin journey started just a short nine months ago and it has been a truly amazing experience. It all started when my big cousin D posted two Vizio flat screen televisions  on Offer Up and we got and offer from a buyer John. As we were loading up the two Vizio televisions into John's car out of the blue he asks "have you ever heard of bitcoin (BTC)"? Mind you at this time all I knew about bitcoin (BTC) was that it could be used to fund my online purchases. I would go to an online bitcoin vendor (marketplace) and get about fifty cents on the dollar worth of bitcoin. So If I spent 100 dollars USD,  I would receive 50 bucks worth of bitcoin in my BTC wallet. Pretty much I was getting robbed and overpaying for my bitcoin (BTC).
After hearing this John showed me a place where I could go and get FREE BITCOIN every 60 minutes. For a newbie like me, the thought of being able to obtain free bitcoin (BTC) was simply mind blowing. Not fully  believing what I was hearing I visited the website and to my surprise I had found out that John was not lying and that there actually is such a thing as earning free bitcoin. Come to find out there are these bitcoin websites online called bitcoin faucets, where you can go and login
and claim free bitcoin every few minutes just for visiting their website . Over the last few months I have noticed that there are several different kinds of faucets.

Truth be told, I had no idea that I could earn free bitcoin . After  a few days of claiming my free bitcoin , I started doing a ton of research on the origin of bitcoin and just how all the buzz that is bitcoin got started in the first place. Recently I've personally seen Bitcoin sell for as much as $20,000 USD, but I was extremely shocked when I found out that in 2010 you could get a whole bitcoin $0.008 USD. It is on record that within the first 5 days the price skyrocketed 900% from $0.008 to $0.08! That was just the beginning , in early 2011 bitcoin (BTC) had shot up to 1 whole US Dollar, by July 2011 it had soared to $31.00  and by the end of the year it headed totally in the opposite direction as low as $2.00.

After all my intense research I understood much more about this exciting cryptocurrency and felt like it was in my best interest to put more time and money into getting bitcoin (BTC)!  That is exactly what I've been up to for the last 9 months straight, gathering up a bunch of free bitcoin every single day 24/7 365 days (366 days in a leap year lol). From the very moment that I wake up in the morning and say my prayers to the moment I say my prayers before bed I am collecting unbelievable amounts of free bitcoin (BTC) from several very legit and paying bitcoin faucets.

If you're still reading  this, I'm sure by now a part a you is thinking this is just to good to be true . Another thing I hear all the time is "If bitcoin is so awesome and has so much potential", "then how come everyone on planet earth is not using bitcoin (BTC)? The answer is actually quite simple! Luckily for us bitcoin is still in it's early stages and not to many people have heard of or encountered bitcoin. (Take me for example, I found out just a short 9 months ago)  As more and more people become aware of bitcoin, the price of bitcoin and other altcoins fluctuates as well making room for both large and almost instant profits. I figure I would be a fool not to invest in my own future  and be ready for the next time that bitcoin skyrockets. I still can't believe that there are some people who were introduced to bitcoin  early enough to grab them at less than a dime a piece and turn around and sell their bitcoin for thousands of dollars.

So as promised i will now show you the best free bitcoin faucets and also the proof of payment so that you know that it is no joke and in fact there is such a thing as earning free bitcoin without having to invest a red cent. The websites where you go and claim free bitcoin & other trending cryptocurrency are called bitcoin or cryptocurrency faucets. You earn free cryptocurrency just for visiting the site and completed a super easy task like watching a quick video of playing a new app for 30 seconds etc. The bottom line is that you better get it while the getting is good!

The very first place I would go and claim free bitcoin is Bitnyx. The first thing I loved about Bitnyx is that they let you claim free bitcoins every 30 minutes like clockwork. This is awesome seeing as how Bitcoin (BTC) has been valued as much as 20K. Bitnyx also runs a weekly contest  where they give 0.00100000 BTC to the user that makes the most amounts of claims during the course of the week! On top of that they give offer a huge 50 percent referral bonus for anyone you refer. Basically if you tell friend and family about Bitnyx they will reward you with a bonus of half whatever your referral claims. That is the most generous referral bonus in the game. So basically make a claim your free bitcoins every half hour & refer as many people as possible so to earn even more  free cryptocurrency.

The next faucet that I would recommend is the . They are easily one of the most trusted and longest lasting free bitcoin faucet. They give you a chance to claim up to $200 in free bitcoins every hour of the day. They have a lottery every single week where they give out thousands of dollars in bitcoin cryptocurrency to the 10 users who have the winning lottery tickets, You automatically earn tickets just for making your free bitcoin claims. They also have a provably fair wagering game where you can try to multiply the free bitcoins you have earned. This is a quick way to double up you bitcoin count. They also have a huge referral bonus where you earn an extra percentage of bitcoins just for telling your friends and family about the free bitcoin faucet. I hope you earn tons & tons of free crypto currency. Start off with these two faucets and if you are one of those that are on the fast track and really want to learn more on how to earn free bitcoins and other leading crypto you can check out They always have all the latest ways to earn free digital currency.

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